How tech communities can change your life

Grand Ballroom

About a year and a half ago I started attending tech meetups in Medellín and I never thought my life would change so much since the first day I attended.

In this talk I want to talk about my experience beeing part of tech communities in Medellín and how it has positively impacted not only my life, but that of many others:

– Thanks to “Pioneras Developers” community I was able to overcome the impostor syndrome and change the paradigm that programming is a “boy thing”.
– In Angular Medellín I found a place with people with the same interests I had, willing to listen, to help, where it didn’t matter if you had never code or if you had 30 years of experience, everyone is welcome. The most important thing about being part of this community it wasn’t to have a computer, but the attitude with which you came to learn and share knowledge, to challenge your limits.
– After a long time attending to this meetups, I realized I wanted to get more involved, I wanted to impact the lives of other people. So I signed up as a volunteer in the project “Code your future Colombia”, whose main objective is to change the lives of disadvantaged people in Colombia, in this case “Comuna 13”, one of the places most affected by violence in my city.

General Session