Jesse Sanders


Jesse Sanders is the founder/CEO of BrieBug Software and an Angular Google Developer Expert (GDE). He regularly speaks around the world on Angular and related web technologies to inform and inspire developers on how to build the next generation of web applications. He regularly teaches workshops on Angular fundamentals, NgRx, and advanced Angular topics. He specializes in architecting systems using Angular for enterprise clients to help them achieve their goals. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his children, biking, skiing/snowboarding, hiking, and training for triathlons. You can follow him on twitter – @JesseS_BrieBug

My Sessions

The NgRx solar system enables Angular developers to build reactive solutions for managing state, events and data using principles inspired by redux. We’ll quickly get everyone on board before we take off and explore the planets that revolve around the NgRx galaxy. Some of these planets include testing, NgRx Entity, NgRx Data, NgRx Auto Entity, […]


The state of application testing for Angular is broken. Angular applications are composed of UI components running in a browser, but our most effective testing strategy has been unit testing functions instead of UI interactions. The recommended strategy for testing the UI is Protractor, which is built on Selenium, a technology originating in 2004 when […]