Luis Aviles

Senior Software Developer

Luis Aviles is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and Angular and an enthusiast of Open Source software and communities, as well as being a public speaker, a technology trainer and an author of courses and technical articles. He started to develop web apps with AngularJS 1.2 and he mainly has worked with JavaScript since then.
He’s the organizer of the Angular Bolivia community and NG Bolivia conference.
When he’s not coding, Luis is reading about Astronomy or nerding about outer space, photography or even doing Astrophotography.

My Sessions

Can you escape a black hole? Current science suggests that a black hole’s gravity is so strong that even light cannot escape once inside. In the same way, Angular provides Interceptors as a mechanism to “catch” outgoing requests or incoming responses. This feature can be really useful for some scenarios like adding an Authorization header […]

General Session