Minko Gechev

Angular Team

Minko is an engineer in the Angular team at Google. He loves to experiment with abstract theoretical computer science concepts transform them into robust industrial solutions. Minko’s working on compilers, tools for static code analysis, and machine learning. Some his projects are the book “Switching to Angular”, Guess.js, codelyzer, the official Angular style guide, the Go linter revive, and many others.

My Sessions

Angular grew significantly in the past few years from both a tooling and developer experience standpoint. This talk will explore many of the features and newer improvements in the pipeline that allow anyone to build and deploy performant apps with very little overhead. Through real demos and examples, we’ll cover Ivy, bundle budgeting, differential serving, […]

General Session

Bring your build and test questions. We can help you try out Bazel in your project, scope your migration effort, and dive into features like Remote Build Execution