Thomas Burleson

Solutions Architect

As a solutions architect, Thomas helps enterprise teams reduce technical debt and deliver complex Angular applications. Formerly a solutions architect at Nrwl.io and Team Lead on Google’s AngularJS Material, Thomas not only mentors teams on RxJS and NgRx, he provides technical leadership to refactor product architectures and deliver Angular solutions.

My Sessions

Animation developers no longer need to be CSS animation experts. Animations in Angular 7 are now super-powerful and amazingly easy to use. This course – presented by the members of the Angular Animations core team – will remove the fear-factor to creating engaging UX with animations. Come learn how to use the Angular animation engine […]


Like an alien invasion, everyone is telling you to use NgRx! You are fighting and resisting this Dark Lord mind-shift. What if you wanted to super-power your services without using NgRx? With RxJS, you get all the super-powers of Observables and `data-push` features. And with View Facades + RxJS, you can radically simplify your view […]

General Session