Speaker Assistance

Whether it’s your first time giving a conference talk or your hundredth, the ng-conf organizers are here to help each and every speaker prepare for the big day. Our team is here to assist and guide you during each stage of the conference talk lifecycle. We are here to help polish your ideas for the CFP, we’re here to provide feedback (upon request) if your talk doesn’t get selected, and of course, we are here to help prepare those who will be the stars of the show.

This page lists out the many ways that the ng-conf organizing team is here to support you as a speaker.

“A great presenter is a great storyteller and sometimes that path between a highly technical topic and an engaging narrative arc isn’t always obvious. The team ng-conf did a great job of taking a solid talk and showing me how to turn it into something entirely different. By the time we finished, it was an experience and probably the most fun I have ever had speaking.” – Lukas Ruebbelke

“The professional speaker coach pointed took the time to listen to my concerns and look into my past talks. She dug into my strengths and weaknesses and really helped become more impactful and comfortable speaking.” – Tara Z Manicsic

Before Your Talk Is Selected

During the Call for Presenters process, hundreds of fantastic ideas will be submitted for consideration. The more the merrier! Many of the potential speakers may have questions during the CFP process. To help answer any questions, the ng-conf organizers provide the following assistance to anyone involved.

  • Office Hours – The ng-conf organizers will schedule a live video call that anyone can join and get their questions answered. And even if you don’t have a question, it may be helpful to tune in regardless and listen to the many questions and answers during office hours. Many tips and techniques will be shared to help increase the quality of your talk submission.
  • Email Support – At any time CFP process, you can send an email to info@ng-conf.org. Include any questions or concerns, and the ng-conf organizing team will likewise respond with help.

“I used the speaker coaching every time for the past three years. It has been extremely helpful. I’ve never participated in another conference where the organizers were helping the speakers that proactively to produce high-quality content.” -Minko Gechev

If Your Talk Isn’t Selected

Each year we select a fraction of all talk submissions to be a part of the show. And while we really appreciate the speakers, we are no less thankful for any of the submissions that aren’t selected. Many of those who aren’t selected, in an effort to improve their chances in the future, request feedback about why their submissions. They seek to understand why their submission wasn’t selected. Our team responds to each request individually and shares the notes and feedback from the talk selection process.

“The ng-conf team makes it a priority to prepare speakers for their talks by offering professional coaching and by encouraging peer-to-peer rehearsal well before the conference takes place. This has an enormous impact on making speakers feel ready and comfortable by the time they hit the stage. It’s especially beneficial for first-time speakers who get to do their first talk with confidence knowing that the conference they are speaking at is supporting them 100%. Kudos to the ng-conf team!” – Ryan Chenkie

For The Selected Speakers

Speaking in front of thousands of people is different than you may expect, and is often more frightening than expected. And since we spend the better part of the year preparing our event, we cut no corners to help the speakers prepare their content. The following is a list of what you can expect from the ng-conf team prior to the event.

  • Timelines – We will provide you with timelines by which you need to have different stages of your talk finished. Whether it’s your rough draft or the final version, we’ll help keep you on track with your talk preparation.
  • Professional Speaker Training – Each speaker will have the opportunity to receive one-on-one training with a professional speaker coach. Together with our partners at Google, we provide the necessary coaching to each speaker.
  • Additional Speaker Training – If the one-on-one training isn’t enough, we provide several additional training options to any speaker that requests it.
  • Peer Talk Reviews – Each speaker is paired up with another speaker. Together, they must review one another’s talk and slides. Feedback will be given and improvements may be made subsequently.
  • Slide Reviews – To help ensure the quality of the content at the conference, a team of Google Developer Experts, speakers, and ng-conf organizers will review your slides the day before the event. If there are any issues, this review will help you catch them in time to make any changes that may be required.
  • 24/7 Support – The ng-conf organizing team is available any time of day to help the speakers prepare. While we finalize the menus, plan the parties, and put in motion all other preparations, the team is also here to assist in any additional plans that any speaker may have.

Beyond the ways listed above, the ng-conf team is more committed than ever to helping the show’s speakers. If any speaker requires custom assistance, our team will rise to the occasion and help you out.